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In case anyone wondered, my name is actually pronounced "eye-lee" ~ I get "Allie" and "Alley" lots, but my Mother wanted something Irish/Gaelic to go with my Italian last name. Hated my name as a kid but have grown to love it now ~ I have never met another soul with it!!


I was born in the wrong era & I am addicted to anything antique or vintage ~ my friends and family have always referred to me as an "old soul" and I guess it was apparent before I could walk.


Huge into antiques, anything to do with history (especially Saint Paul MN history)and I love touring old homes and museums ~ you practically hafta drag me out!


As for television~ my tv is usually on TLC, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, PBS, A&E or Animal Planet when it's on.


Some of my favorites are: Myth Busters, History's Mysteries, Dirty Jobs (who can resist Mike Rowe??), Antiques Roadshow, The First 48, Cold Case Files, etc.


I've never liked any kind of science fiction stuff (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.), but I do enjoy books/movies/tv shows about the paranormal. Intrigues the heck outta me!!


Best way to describe me is geeky and dorky as heck!! I am someone who's always asking "why" about everything. (Maybe that's why I'm here?? Haha)


I volunteer with abused/battered women and their families (since I was once in that place in life ~ I want to give back) ~ also volunteer at the nursing home near my house (love to listen to the stories and especially love to visit those who don't have any visitors and are lonely) and I also volunteer at my Goddaughter's grade school with ESL kids (for the most part) and co-lead a Girl Scout Troop. Helping others makes me smile. :)

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