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Answered: Best Religion

Dear Friends; G-d does not say one thing, then do another. He promised to always watch over us. Before I re-post this article from, I want to thank many people for their G-d-liness and love ...

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Na; just do your part, respect G-d and your fellow human beings and that shall make a difference. Shalom; Yechiel

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Dear Friends; For those who doubt that there should be freedom of belief and of religion, here is an edict from an Egyptian Calif who espoused belief of G-d, as one understand Him; >>> Remove ye ...

Answered: Best Religion

United Nations A /RES/55/282 General Assembly Distr.: General 28 September 2001 Fifty-fifth session Agenda item 33 00 57607 Resolution adopted by the General ...

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Dear Mike; Next page is an example of what you said. Shalom; Yechiel

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Dear Friends; If I was to relay this to you, how many would accept this as truth? And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life ...

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Dear Mike; There is one truth no one can honestly deny, or they know nothig or are lying; G-d is Infinite, we are finite. So all the ways of knowing G-d has never been known on earth, and maybe in ...

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Dear Mike; HaShem gave each of us a brain to use. I am glade you use yours', as this is what helps all to come closer to Him, not being a robot. Again, Toda Me'od thank you very much. Shalom ...

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Dear Mike; Thank you for clarifying how Christian beliefs are. You have been consistent in this. I have known this for decades, as I have studied what decent people tell me, and then see how the word ...

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Dear AC; Only one thing wrong with you; your behavior is not "christian". That is OK. G-d still loves you as much as He loves all of us, and you do have a right to your opinion. No one has the right ...

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n says:
"Thanks for all your kind words Yechiel. I appreciate your friendship and Claire's also."
MikeC says:
"Yechiel I think you may just be the best Christian on "Best Religion". I can't believe what I am seeing. "