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Asked: Liver transplant

what is piggyback liver transplant ?

Asked: I am a fat man. how that i can train myself to be ...

i am a fat man. how that i can train myself to be a bodybuilder in a fast time

Asked: I feel like my life is running away from me

I spend all my time working and I find that my life has little meaning. What can I do to add significance to my mundane day?

Asked: Too soon to invite him to a wedding?

I am going to my friend's wedding in a month. How soon is too soon to ask the guy I'm dating to come with me without freaking him out? How should I bring it up?

Asked: I don' have cooties

I have only been married one year and have gone from having sex 10+ per week to 3 x's in 3 months. I never ever thought I would be jelous of a cat, but my husband actually talks, cuddles, carresses ...

Asked: Creative/positive schedule limits for preteen?

My 12-yr old daughter's social schedule can leave all of us worn out, especially her. Any creative ideas for setting limits without it seeming like punishment?

Asked: Can my small catfish live in a small tank

can my small catfish live in a small tank

Asked: Overly sexual youth

Could the lack of sex education and society's repressed take on sex be pushing youth into early sexual development? Should we be educating them better?




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