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Answered: How to keep yourself motivated?

Monitor your progress through a chart and add a star for every achievement. You can even reward yourself by buying yourself a present (anything but food). Share your achievements with family and ...

Answered: To get off from unwanted relation

Sorry; no one in the AOL Answers community will be able to help you. You must do it yourself. You are wise to call for help before this relationship takes one more step in the wrong direction. Break ...

Answered: I want revenge on the man that lied and cheated on ...

Forget him. Revenge is terrible because it always backfires and you will never get the results you want. By focusing on this person you are wasting the time needed to recuperate and to get on with ...

Answered: Question, I have a 16 year old daughter she ...

At age 16 your daughter is at the threshold of young adulthood and might feel that sports do not interest her as much as before. It would be a mistake to force her to continue her sports activities if ...

Answered: I injured my rt. eye Optic Nerve (nerve's) after ...

You should consult one of the specialists at the University of Florida eye clinic.

Answered: What is BMI and how to calculate BMI

BMI stands for body mass index. This is the amount of fat that makes up your body. For example, a woman with a 7% BMI is most likely lean and fit, while a women with a 25% BMI is overweight. See ...

Answered: Having intercorse with best friend

A major part of your successful liaisons are due to the fact that you are both excited by doing something and getting away with it. BUT these secret meetings between you two will one day be revealed ...

Answered: Rx

It is actually the abbreviation of the Latin recipe

Answered: Windows xp, once booted I click on an icon to ...

Try: 1. Restart the computer, and if that doesn't work, 2. System Restore to an earlier date such as two weeks before.




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