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"ONE NATION or GOD"?????? Make up your mind America!!!
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LaughingI am a married mom of three and consider it the best job I have ever had. Although they keep growing I refuse to get older!!!

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Asked: Are there any obama lovers out there? If so please ...

Are there any obama lovers out there? If so please tell why?

Answered: The Obama Birth Certificate

Amazing.......Being he has never addressed the issue, how do you think he will go about bringing this matter up and showing the REAL AMERICAN people the Long Form? Absolutely Amazing.........I have ...

Answered: The Obama Birth Certificate

Agree 100% Just the beginning!!!

Answered: Where's the warning for left-wing extremists ...

So so true....LOL.....guess we are extremist!!! Wonder if we could get a job in the Defense Department as did the left wing journalist from California?

Answered: Sarah Palin

Sarah is a breathe of fresh air when one thinks of the poop stink happening in Washington today!!!

Answered: Assessing the President

Obama is sinking our Nation, economy, job opportunities, homes and family......When will America see what is happening? Stop making up excuses for his behavior and admit the truth of what is ...

Answered: I am phobic about sex. Am recently divorced ...

What kind of relationship did you have with your parents and siblings? I am trying to figure out where these feelings came from? Granted they are not normal, but us woman can relate to them to a ...


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