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Asked: Brokeback Mountain Original Short Story

How can I view the original short story entitled "Brokeback Mountain" that appeared in the New Yorker?

Answered: What are the elements of great writing -fiction?

Aside from writing about something extremely unique, forbidden and or terribly difficult, above all truly great writing must be truthful, honest and with tremendous conviction!

Answered: Where did "by george I think you got it" come ...

That phrase was uttered by the character Professor Henry Higgins in the play and subsequently later in the movie "My Fair Lady" when the character Eliza Doolittle finally repeated the phrase correctly ...

Answered: How to convert a file from html to pdf?

You must have Adobe PDF "Writer" to actually convert a HTML to a PDF file.

Answered: Texting May Hurt Teens

At best texting is a mixed blessing but only if you are not driving a car simultaneously. Also, like a lot of things, anything done in excess can be addictive. So, keep in mind that everything ...


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