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I am a moron- don't expect much wisdom form me!

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Asked: Looking for a good product

Does anyone have any really fast processors for sale? I am looking for something cheap.

Answered: What does "entry-level" mean?

It means you start as a grunt, and you work your way up to the top!!!! Go for it, if you start at the bottom, you are more likey to reach the top!!!!!!Reach for the clouds man--- make a wish.

Answered: Is it okay to ask a girl out with a note?

My advice would be to first make sure she is cool, then make sure she comes from a good background. Then if you feel confident, be a man and ask her face to face. Letter are ok if a girl is asking you ...

Asked: Jobs

does venturamicki train gerbals? Mine acts up he won't go in the whole.

Asked: Serious Question

Is the such things as a self proclaimed commedian? I think I am one!? I have resumes out all over if you are intersted? Thank you to everyone if there is!

Asked: Help on the piano

If anyone has advice on how to learn the piano I would appreciate it, all I kind of understand is the posture, and for some reason my right wrist gets sore, should I sit more to the left?

Answered: Is University of London recognised in the USA?

I hope so, the people I have met from London are beutiful, really nice, but can be tricky or misleading! Anyway my opinion is that any good school should be recognized no matter where you go. I hope ...

Answered: Are Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson a Real ...

Sed me some pictures- then I will believe it!


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