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Asked: Looking for mary moley/birth mother

looking for a woman whose name is mary moley. gave up a child for adoption in 1951. i am that child. i would like to find order for me to know if it is her i would like intimate details given ...

Commented: About rochester's answer

im very excited to hear of this! ive tried many different sites, and while i realize, none of them of them may actually produce the answer, its always helpful to have new suggestions..thank you.

Asked: Searching for mary moley

mary moley looking for baby girl....if that applies, please post something that you think i might know....adopted as an infant...have a little what my name would have been.

Asked: Where do you purchase the velcro? and is it put on ...

where do you purchase the velcro? and is it put on the back of the board?


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