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Answered: Help on databases

You can sort data in a database using SQL. The ORDER BY clause specifies which column of data you want to sort by and you can also specify whether you want to sort the data ascending or descending ...

Answered: What are net books ??

Netbooks are lower specification laptops. They are smaller in size and don't have as much processing power as a laptop, which is why they are much cheaper. Most laptops now are big and bulky, whereas ...

Answered: What is .net

.NET is a framework provided by Microsoft for developing applications. Software developers use the .NET framework mainly through Microsoft Visual Studio, which is a tool for developing software. The ...

Answered: How do I link my facebook page to my website and ...

It is pretty simple to do this, but a little technical. I've got an example on my website Smart Company Software at the bottom of the page. You should insert a link like this: <a href="http://www ...


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