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Answered: Health

Question doesn't make sense.

Answered: Biggest health problem today...?

It is a problem almost everywhere. Even India is facing massive diabetes epidemic. Too many carbs and sugar I'm afraid.

Commented: About Book's answer

What a shame. It seems the vultures were circling the minute he hit the tv screen.

Answered: How di I forgive a cheater?

Forgive them once, but don't forgive them more than that. Move on to someone who you trust. Why live a life where you are unsure or don't trust your partner. It will only weaken your inner strength ...

Answered: Who has a bigger military us or uk?

The US does. The UK is very small geographically and population wise compared to the US. The UK would probably fit into Florida. The UK has a rich history and has highly trained army personel, but it ...

Answered: All but which of the following statements are true ...

Definitely they are asking you to single out the false statements.

Answered: How to make your bowels work better.i recently ...

A probiotic is the best thing. I would suggest a probiotic tablet rather than a yogurt as they have much more good bacteria in them and are cheaper over the long run.

Answered: Prescription meds

Some meds react with other minerals/vitamins, so need to be taken on their own so they can be broken down correctly when in the stomach.

Answered: Does caffeine cause children to become ...

Kids should not consume caffeine. I agree with another poster, caffeine in a kids drinks is usually packed with sugar. Bad combination.

Answered: What can I do about my over weight grandkids

Try and educate their parents. Children follow by example so if their parents and grandparents are overweight then it is likely they will be too (at some point). You are obviously concerned about ...


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