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Answered: Harassing Emails and Threats

If I was you I would just ignore them. I don't know what email client software you use but you could set up a rule to put them in the trash as soon as they arrive. Ignoring them is your best option ...

Answered: I'm always having a back pain, is this ok?

Do you sit a lot? Do you exercise? How old are you? There are a number of good books dealing with back pain. Search for back pain and look at the reviews. It is likely you are suffering ...

Answered: How to make your partner to stop smoking?

Like others said, you can't make people stop if they are not committed to stopping. However, you can make your views clear and say that you don't want them to smoke in the house, near you, near the ...

Answered: Is it bad for your eyes to watch tv in they dark

I believe having a low light on in the room will help you. You won't get bad eyes from it initially but over time your eyes will get sore. Same with using a computer, you need to rest your eyes and ...

Answered: Why would a cardiologist tell my husband to ...

I could guess, but the best answer is to ask the cardiologist why.

Answered: How to stop being picked on?

Stand up to them. Bullies play on fear, dont show fear and they will move on. I once had a friend who was bullied and he decided to fight back. Everytime the bully bullied him he hit him and they ...

Answered: Why would mattress by wet after death?

Your body keeps control of all your body functions whilst you are alive, but when you die they stop working, so it is very common for this to happen.

Answered: E-mail in spam

Just ignore it. Infact ignore any emails that ask for information like bank details, passwords, login names etc. Reputable companies don't ask users to do this, only scammers.

Answered: Will taking curcumin help parkinso?

Curcumin will help reduce inflammation, but I'm not sure if it will help you with Parkinson's. I certainly don't think it will make it worse and it has health benefits so you should be OK to take it.

Answered: What comes after a thousand?

Well, actually there are lots of numbers that come after 1000. For example 1049, 7894, 99999999 etc ;-)


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