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I like to help people with money questions such as saving, budgeting, spending, giving, investing, planning for retirement and debt.


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Answered: Loan payment calculations

I have a solution for you. Use this Free Loan Amortization Calculator. Scroll down the page to find the calculator. Enter "1771" in the first blank, "9" in the second blank, skip the third blank ...

Answered: How can I earn online?

There are several legitimate ways to earn money online. Contrary to popular belief, most involve some combination of hard work and creativity. Here are a few examples: -Start a blog or website. If ...

Answered: How could I help my parents saving money?

Here are some ways to save money: -Find monthly expenses to cut back on or eliminate, such as cable TV, unnecessary cell phones or land lines, newspapers, magazines, high speed internet, and health ...

Answered: How can failure to reconcile bank statements ...

By not reconciling a bank statement, you may fail to detect errors that the bank made to the company's account or that the company did not record properly. For instance, if the company recorded the ...

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