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Answered: Limbaugh and the GOP

Rush makes the party look like a bunch off plastic fools just like Palin does. Is there one old school Republican left that will do whats right for the majority of Americans and not just a few rich ...

Commented: About bjarvis572's answer

That Rant is funny as hell! LOLOLOL!!! In my opinion they all love America.... its just some love to take avantage of it and fill there pockets at the risk of taxpayers being overburdened with Debt. I ...

Answered: Sound off on the current health care debate.

The insurance companies and drug companies have a army of lobbyist that buy our politicians off with future jobs and perks. If Obama truely want reform... and I think its all talk! He should come up ...

Answered: Astronaut Says Alien Life Exists

If they do come and visit make sure obama does not open the books. they will laugh all the way back to there planet.

Answered: End of the World in 2012?

it makes for a great movie. Dont sell off your stuff yet!

Answered: Discovery of a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci

what a great artist. Leonardo Da Vinci was truely a man ahead of his time.

Answered: Iran Election

The Iranian people got ripped off. I hope it works out for them in the end.

Answered: Clinton on Obama

sex scandles... All the bad trade deals... He never gave his voters the respect they deserved. He was a embarassment to this country. France loved him becase that's how they roll.

Answered: Cheney on National Security

Look at cheneys smirk.... He must have just opened his Oil proffits statement. He might be stting on his Solid gold diamond incrusted banana!

Answered: Limbaugh and the GOP

Big gas bag... Rush makes tons of money bashing obama and does not care that he is hurting America. as long as he bloats up his ratings. I used to like him but these days he is way off track.

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