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i just got my first dslr and i am exploring the world of photography. so very excited :) 

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Answered: Who's your favorite Oprah guest?

John Travolta has always been the best. I like the Johnny Depp episode as well.

Answered: What celebrity are you tired about hearing about?

Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, and Kim Kardashian.

Answered: India Tour

India sure is a nice tourist destination. I've been there once for about a month and it was great. You should check out the NE states. It's full of interesting culture. I stayed in Nagaland for a ...

Answered: Slim body

The key to getting a slim body is a well targeted nutrition program and work-out plan. Get into a well balanced meal plan, regular exercises, yoga, and relaxation techniques. You can get help on ...

Answered: Sociology

Agreed it would almost be near to impossible. But maybe if everyone gives a conscious effort to treat everyone equal and respect everyone despite the differences, it would be a good start.


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