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Asked: Potential lawsuit against Dr. Phil for breach of ...

Dr. Phil McGraw may be under investigation by the California Board of Psychology for his conduct in the Britney Spears drama if a complaint reportedly filed against the TV shrink and currently ...

Asked: African American Lawyers in the Supreme Court

Why are there so few appearances of African American lawyers in the supreme court?

Asked: Job description of Curcuit Court Judge

What are the job duties of a curcuit judge in DuPage County Illinois?

Asked: Andrew Meyer

What do you think about Andrew Meyer, the University of Florida student who shouted "Don't tase me bro!" when he was arrested by police at a John Kerry speech?

Asked: Ernie Chambers Vs. God

Is Ernie Chambers serious about his law suit against god? Or is it just a way to criticize others who would sue for anything?

Asked: Summer Bishil

I read about Summer Bishil's appearance in "Nothing is private". She was merely 18 when shooting the sex scenes. Is it legal?

Asked: Larry Craig resigning

It seems that Idaho Senator Larry Craig will announce his resignation . In your opinion, why is Sen. Craig forced to resign: because he pled guilty to a crime; because he is gay; because he lied ...

Asked: Madeleine Mccann's parents

Do you believe that Madeleine Mccann's parents are really involved in her disappearance, as accused by the Portuguese police?


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