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Asked: Sara Jane Olson

Did Sara Jane Olson (aka Kathleen Soliah) serve enough time in prison? Or was her release too early?

Asked: No inheritance from murder

There's a rule that a person can't inherit money from someone that the person has killed. I think it comes from an old English case. What is the name of the rule, or the case?

Asked: David Camm murder case

Was there an update last night about the David Camm murder case? Someone I know caught a moment of it on television, but doesn't recall where.

Asked: What's for dinner

What's for dinner tonight? I'm looking around my kitchen, and need some ideas. Or maybe I should go out to eat .... Even if you don't answer tonight, I can use the advice for a different night.

Asked: Daily life in Britain

What are good websites for learning about daily life in the UK? I'd like to get a better sense of British culture, language, etc.

Asked: Duke lacrosse case

What do you think are the lessons of the Duke lacrosse case (whether for society, the criminal justice system, or the university)?


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