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Answered: Is there a Class-Action Lawsuit Against AMBIEN ...

I found information about a class action from 2007. While this does not appear to be a pending case, I imagine that you may be interested in the materials. Ambien Class Action Lawsuit Filed by ...

Answered: What year did the drinking age in mass. Change to ...

It appears that the drinking age in Massachusetts went from 20 to 21 years old in 1985. Boston Globe, June 1, 1985 - Youth and Drinking Legal Age in State Rises to 21 Today

Answered: Is there a state prison in Lubbock, Texas? If so ...

The Montford Psychiatric Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is in Lubbock.

Answered: Does Indiana have a similar or same civil ...

Is this the statute that you're looking for? Temporary Commitment:

Answered: How to

Where are you located? There might be different procedures for filing an abandonment in different locations.

Answered: Cell phone provider regulators

I believe it is the Public Utility Commission of Texas . You might also look at the cellular services pages of the Federal Communications Commission .

Answered: Charles Dean Hood

The Dallas Morning News reported that the jury was composed of eight women and four men. Indiana man sentenced to die for 2 murders

Answered: Immigration

Perhaps you are thinking of the William Dickerson Detention Facility , which is a Wayne County jail on Hamtramck Drive.

Answered: Smiley face murders

Three possible Smiley Face killings are listed in the Footprints at the River's Edge blog: West Lafayette (Wade Steffey ), Vincennes (Chris Thiem ), and South Bend (Chad Sharon ).

Answered: What should i do if i don't agree with a judge ...

Do you have a written explanation or transcript of the ruling?


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