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Answered: Recipe for niffles

I'm not sure I know what you mean, but try pancake mix, with not sugar. Cook as you describe. You should get mini dumplings that would go great with a hot dog and sour krat.

Answered: How Sugar candle is made?

Ummm sugar? I know that you melt sugar and then dry it in special molds. Sometimes people put them in some kind of liqueur. Don't eat and drive though :-)

Answered: Potential surrogate needs advice from surrogates

Try this site: It's not an easy decision. Good luck

Answered: What does lasik surgery cost?

Depending on your insurance and choice of doctor, it could be anything between 2000 and 10000. My niece paid 4000 but that was a long time ago.

Answered: Lemon boy growing

It needs at least 75% sun, and it can grow to about 2-3 feet, so it should be in a fairly big pot, and you should probably get some support too.

Answered: Is it ok to use toothpaste with baking soda while ...

I don't see a problem. Make sure you brush well, and be careful not to hurt your gums.

Answered: How do you make a potato batter that you dip and ...

I'm not sure I fully understand, but here's a recipe for frying batter with rice flour, which I think can be exchanged for potato flour: 2 egg whites approx. 2 c rice flour, divided, plus additional ...

Answered: My mother aged 76 is suffering from degeneration ...

She sounds like she's in a really bad shape, and 33 kg is very very little. The only treatment I know s surgery, but you should try to do something immediately, because she's obviously in a great deal ...

Answered: Food

The actual recipes are a trade secret, as is the "Prairie Dust", which is the seasoning mixture they use. The best I can offer is to choose great meat, make sure it is fresh and antibiotics free. Use ...

Answered: Rattatuille?

It's funny how Disney changes the world :-) There are several recipes. It's a very common dish, and some of the recipes are literally inherited for generations. Here's one example.Feel free to change ...

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