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Letting it go is easier than never let it go, trust me ^-^
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Asked: P s y c h i c

What do you think about Psychic? do you have it?

Answered: Do You Want to Be an Astronanaut?

\^0^/ I want! I want to see the UFO and say hi to them. Outer space is hiding a lot of mystery, it is a challenge to find it out by ourselves.

Commented: About ann washington's answer

did u meant, because he was just being polite to me?

Answered: How to buy jumping castle

Have you try in Online shopping?

Asked: He's not that into you

Thanks for answering my question, there is one more makes me wondering, if he doesn't really likes me then why did he accept my offering to watch a movie only with me?

Commented: About OronD's answer

Only in Alice in Wonderland :p

Commented: About OronD's answer

I knew it ! thanks you make me more understand that he's really not that into me..

Asked: I just met a guy, he never call back, but he ...

I just met a guy, he never call back, but he accept my offering to watch a movie. When I tried to calling, asking for help, he helping me, but then he never trying to call me back, even he knew I was ...


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