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Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

zero? she has awesome body. i cant help but to envy her.

Commented: About Kim Witherfork's answer

what do you want in particular? you're sexy. i don't think you're still a virgin ;p

Commented: About OronD's answer

thanks, im really bothered. he loves leftovers than dog foods.

Asked: Is katy perry sexier than rihanna?

is katy perry sexier than rihanna?

Asked: My dog doesn't love to eat dog foods. why???

my dog doesn't love to eat dog foods. why???

Answered: Love

lol. you desperately published your number.

Answered: Love

as simple as telling him always. don't give up until you win him.

Answered: How to know if you are ready to engage in sex with ...

You know yourself, so you'll know when will it happen. If you love your boy, do whatever he wants.

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