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Old,  tough  ,experienced , vet  ,seven operations  ,still  going  .

Voted for FDR   and OBAMA  ,married 43 years 

Medals  buy nothing 

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Commented: About one's answer

Enough PAMPERING .. ANTE UP and do something good for my God and OUR country .

Commented: About one's answer

And that goes for the POST office and the pampering of the advertiser .

Commented: About one's answer

PS The advertiser may get a TAX deduction but they dont get my business. Pay your just and fair dues or I will quit paying mine .

Commented: About one's answer

ADVERTISERS advertisers . They can deduct the cost of it all ( the bigger the better ) . Who cares about the membership ? If no one is here it wont matter , the deductions go ON AND ON AND ON AND ...

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Answered: I don't have questions, I have statements I want ...

This board is more like an AOL screening process .

Commented: About Morgan's answer

Corporations dont add jobs . Consumers create jobs by buying the goods they produce . Its called " supply and demand." If business created jobs they would be called a welfare agency . Nobody is ...

Commented: About nokid's answer

nokld-- your answer is correct . I feel like I am marching in space while my brain is being picked .

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