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Answered: BPA in canned food

It is kind of bothering, though I tend to cook my food fresh and there for use less canned food as possible.

Answered: Taco Bell coupons

Did you try looking on ebay though I think these are not that valuable.

Answered: 3 day fruit fast

I am assuming you are serious and I will suggest bananas, figs and dates.

Answered: I oven baked beef sausage to 156 degrees internaly ...

Smoking it on the girl will cause it to loose more of it juiciness. Take a small knife and see how its doing from the inside.

Answered: Pizza: To Order Out Or Make Your Own?

I think the pizza in the US is pretty good and the prices are fair . making your own is just not worth it.

Commented: About Patrick's answer

Cindy this really bothers me they don't have them in NY 7/11? I would write them:

Answered: Too Much Fast Food?

First of all to much..... Right now I am doing 3-4 times a week I should change to 0-1 a week.... I am such a fatso.

Answered: I'm looking for Utopias (a Sam Adams specialty ...

Did you try these links: ...

Answered: Can you freeze chocolate chips without them ...

Like jkgrandma mentioned there is nothing to worry about you van also make the cookies or whatever your making and then freeze it the white color is just ice.