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Asked: I am married but seperated do i have to still file ...

i am married but seperated do i have to still file joint taxes with him

Answered: Elbow pain

He is not looseing his muscles properly before pitching that and it could be early development of pitchers arm which has a tendency to end careers best advice would be to get him checked out.

Answered: Joint filing after a spouse dies

You can only file Taxes joint for the year he died after that you have to file under the single status.

Answered: At the age of 71 do you still need to file taxes.

Yes until the year you die and then your tax return from that year would go to the primary holder of your estate.

Answered: I need to know when the town of Marysville Pa was ...

Marysville, PA is a picturesque town located in the southern tip of Perry County. The 2 1/2 miles square borough is bounded by mountains to the north and the south, by the Susquehanna River to the ...

Answered: My husband has a young female friend at work ...

Well likely hood is yes he is cheating but maybe thats just how he talks to this co worker maybe he looks at her like a daughter at work and they share intrests. Ask your husband to introduce you to ...

Answered: How much money is a pound of lead

Well all depends on where your at but i can say normal price would be 8 to 10 dollars a piece.

Answered: Is the safeway brand peanut butter safe to eat?

OMG YES and its bangin too I buy it alot for the munchies.

Answered: Purple on Jan 17, 2009

Well to be honest I even wore a purple shirt that day there is no reason i think everyone was simply thinking purple that day or maybe you simpley saw alot of purple shirts that day mathamaticly its ...

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