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i, chex, enjoy talkin to many peiople on hear. i enjoy having pretty good neighbors and waving to them. i am mixed bred of romanyan an hungry with nativ indian lik john wayne.

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Answered: How to get help from a painful nerve in your ...

i'hav bean in pain for mostly in the adult yrs / wat is a matter in me / an dont hate me becase im beatiful

Answered: Lima Beans! Help!

ovr did the glitterin but stil i will suggest the langerie beef / wat shd i wear

Answered: Lima Beans! Help!

wy woud'i want yuor house when i'hav this / plus i'hav sturdy neighbrs as yuo can see / an they hav beatyful daugters w long flowable hare

Answered: Lima Beans! Help!

hoppy birdday eligajammalin / i hav a t-shirt that says this on it are yuo wearin a shirt i'am not

Asked: Dream / mental things

i kept on dreaming that i wake up in a dumster with a prom dress on me. what is it /

Answered: Why isn't there blueberry jello

i only fond emty boxes / do yuo beloaf in love @ fist site

Answered: Who's your favorite Oprah guest?

for 3 i can mak her go aray i kno a guy

Answered: Letters

lik ol yeddar said that hell is waitin fore me / an prolably him to i thick

Commented: About ddavel544's answer

hilo davdavelio i woud njoy some of this popular secret oil can i parchase it in saltlake utaH /

Answered: 770-854-0003.Does anyone know who this is?? 8 ...

if i had the fone i woud anser it yuo nevr kno / it coud be imported


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deeladybug says:
"glad to meet you at the party your pretty funny...see ya back on bud lite God bless"
Corrine. says:
"where in the world have you been Chex? I just noticed it has been monthes since yedda has had the pleasure of seeing your wonderful answers and questions here. A few format changes since you left but still no biggie. Hurry back kay! :)"
Equus says:
"Chex , Thanks for your question in the " Compliment" section . I have one color the same color I was born with that would be blonde . No blonde jokes needed I have heard them all . god nite ."
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi Chex... I just wanted to say hi and let you know that you seem really interesting, and I like your answers here on Yedda. Have a really great day."
oughmister says:
"what up"
Mr.Jqna says:
"Chex, I have to give it to you. You are funny as sh?t."
ddavel544 says:
"Chex...i giv yu dis...u won funy bassturd...!!...Dave...:)"
Sparky's Mom says:
"Chex, I just had to send you another compliment. You have been giving a lot of great advice lately. Funny, but great. Love you Sexy Chexie! Anna Sparky's Mom "
Corrine says:
"Aww Chex I just had the pleasure of meeting you...I want to say thanks for a good laugh you always seem to make me smile soo yeah that makes you simply amazzing in my book well Take Care and God Bless... Corrine :)"
Equus says:
"Hello Chex , Thank You for the compliment ..... I think . No one answers question quite like you do . You always leave us with something to think about . By the way nice GO GO Boots ."
EJ says:
"Chex, you are Chex. Don't change."
Nanadee says:
"Hi chex...I hear people talk funny things about you but have not met you on yedda...I liked your questions about leaves...Lol....Left you a answer....God bless ..Nanadee"
Sparky's Mom says:
"Chex, Like Njoy, I also miss you when you aren't on yedda. You make me laugh and you are nice to me. So come back more often. Anna Sparky's Mom "
n says:
"Chex, I miss you when you do not comment. Are you too busy to talk to us? People who wave are some of the sweetest people in the world. People in parades, like beauty queens and politicians, little children and old people. I like waving also."
Sparky's Mom says:
"Chex, I don't care what anyone says. I think you are cute, and one of the best on Yedda. So what are you wearing tonight? From Anna Sparky's Mom "