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luv em right and hold em tight
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ladys man- luveable -teddy bare-tigre. over road truck driver. 2 kids in colidge-cawcasian persuasion-red blood amerixcans- i luv conservative flag

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Commented: About cjesusfreak2's answer

u cant spellt ergent. u spellt it like this uorgent. u cant spels

Answered: Equal rights for gay/lesbians

iamqkeenbee u shuld be shame ur self. gays shuld not maary and shuld not be among us. they shuld be on difrent iland 2 do as they plese

Commented: About aladinsane's answer

suthern7162 i agree with all ur possts. gays shuld be catstrated and take away from us

Commented: About Pat D's answer

patd..i can spell i just cant typeo. i dont even try 2 make my words nice 2 ppl like u.english is my firist langage by the way. u reminds me of a girl i onse know who wass mean spirted.

Commented: About Capt. Conservative's answer

racist...and i am a white man. i not a lieberal. this was puuure racist. i can tell by this post u are a white man 2 who hatez black ppl and other races. i know the cryteria. i wont be part of it

Answered: American Patriot

blonds in bathn suits

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"Only if you are a "True Patriot"!"