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Answered: Death of a soilder in WW2

have you or someone in family ordered copies of his Military Records yet??? You can do so as "next of kin" online... You MIGHT find something there? Or, do you know where he was stationed?? My ...

Asked: U people are idiots.... how the HELL does any of ...

u people are idiots.... how the HELL does any of this relate to genealogy???

Asked: Tatts

Tattoos near Chi-town... I need the absolute BEST person you can refer....

Commented: About Lynn's answer

Just went thru this w/ parent. Best way to protect assets from government putting lien on house as reimbursement for nursing home costs is to prepare an IRREVOCABLE Trust... However, this must be ...

Asked: Translate

Need the phrase "strength and honor" translated to Latin. ASAP. tx

Asked: Travel.nature

Best places to travel for serenity, peace, tranquility. Father passed and need some nature...

Asked: Translation

Need accurate Latin translation of "strength and truth".


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