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I am a 'travel junkie',who has journeyed across three continents and more than a dozen countries and would like to share my experiences with other aspiring vagabonds by participating in travel forums. I have written about travel and have edited other people's work for much of my career. I never cease to be amazed by the magic of travel!

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Answered: Travel

Actually there are many historical places in the world but the most famous historical places which we want to travel are: 1. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland 2. Christ the Redeemer, Brazil 3. Angkor Wat ...

Answered: Where to stay in punta del este in october for 3 ...

There are many hotels in Punta del este. But you can make your stay at Golden beach resort and spa as in this hotel you can fulfil your basic requirements. Here is the link to check out this hotel ...

Answered: Some useful travel tips in China????

Some of the place you must visit in China: Karakul Lake, China's wild rivers, Burma road, Gulangyu Island, Gansu, Hainan, The Wild Wall (Great Wall of China), Henan. There are alot more.

Answered: Transportation from Luxor to Safaga

You can use Bus or Taxi. Hiring a taxi would be costlier more. Going for a bus can save your valuable money.

Answered: Where is Trenton, C.E.

Trenton is in New Jersey, USA. Its a city near East Coast.

Answered: Where is Malotkavicy, Belarus

Malotkavicy is a state of Belarus and is near Belarus and Ukraine border.

Answered: Crown cottage

You can get the exact number by calling them. Mainly cottages can accommodate a large bunch of people, depends on the size of cottage.

Answered: Can you use own wheel buggy or 4-wheeler in ...

No you can't use your own wheel buggy or 4 wheeler in a national park, its strongly prohibited.

Answered: How many hours takes a flight from ny usa to peru ...

It will take you around 7 hours to reach Peru from USA and also the time will totally depend upon the origin of your travel.

Answered: I am traveling this month to Kolkata. As I am on ... is the best site to book hotels in kolkata

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