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Answered: Do you think you should lose your job for not ...

You have got to be kidding. If a Manager or co-worker is so shallow to base your working performance on a salutation, you don't need that job.

Answered: Where to pick up federal and state income tax ...

Any post office will have the forms you are looking for.

Answered: Jobs in Huntington, West Virginia

Contact your local chamber of commerce or unemployment/career center. Both organizations should have opportunites listed.

Answered: Jobs

I'm sure they have a website with all of the open opportunities they have available.

Answered: How can I get a medical sales job with no prior ...

I always say, a salesman is a salesman - Like poochlover said, expect an entry level salary until you learn the tricks of the trade.

Answered: If I quit my job because they are constantly ...

Sounds like a case of harressment - If you address your issues with your immediate manager and he does nothing - keep moving up the chain of command. If all else fails, contact the office of wages ...

Answered: I recently left my job after working 25 years ...

It sounds like you could file a workers comp claim against your current employer. Talk with your HR people and fill out the necessary papers.

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