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Answered: Is it secure to use social networking sites like ...

If you secure your information good? use strong pass and dont tell it people in private messages then you are secured i think.

Answered: How do I get sound from my aoc 2440 monitor

You need to plug your monitor to computer with 3,5 mm jack cable. The back of your monitor has a special connection for this.

Answered: How to Hack Windows XP Login without Password

On this site you can find great info about this problem.

Answered: Any suggestion is very much appreciated

You are looking for help or offering a job? Any way if you look for advice then first read about video programs and pick one you will be working with. Check this link for information.

Asked: What pet is the easiest to clean, not marks ...

I mowed to my own apartment and i want a pet. Can you tell me what pet i could get considering that all the weekdays I spend at work?

Commented: About Hersh Haley's answer

I like Kate... Natalia Kate Cartagena

Commented: About Angie's answer

You need to call the embassy to solve this problem.

Answered: Should Transgenders compete in beauty contests?

I believe in beauty contests to engage people who are not subjected to operations of the body. Otherwise, similar contests will become into plastic surgeons competitions.


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