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Answered: People today are selfish and avaricious. Do you ...

The nature of man is the same today as it ever was. As the Bible says, the heart of man is evil. The problem today is, that fewer people are turning to the Lord for redemption. Leaning to our own ...

Answered: How do I handle my loss of sexual desire to my ...

Hello Palesa, I'm sure you've heard it said before, that most sex starts in the brain, meaning it's more than just some biological urge. The fact that you still have desire, just not for him, tells ...

Answered: Global Overpopulation?

Hi KerryG, What is scary is that the good Lord provided for us to live on this earth and their is plenty of land and resources to go around. Unfortunately, it's in the hands of a powerful few.

Answered: Pregnant women buying cigarettes?

Hello Corrine, That is quite sad . Again, as Penelope pointed out, we can always hope they are not for themselves. Let it be a lesson to you not to smoke, as apparently it is a strong addiction.

Asked: Value of old Kirby upright?

I have an old Kirby upright vacuum cleaner that is probably worth some money to a collector of such things. It's been in my family for generations and it works just fine, but if anything were to ...

Asked: Mexican food

I really enjoy mexican food and would like to start cooking some at home for myself. Where might I find some simple recipes for a novice?

Asked: Chaise lounge

I am looking into purchasing a chaise lounge for my front porch. I would like one that can support my weight, around 180 pounds and that is built to last. Any brand recommendations?

Asked: What exactly is black mold?

What is black mold and how is it different from other types of mold? What are some symptoms of black mold exposure?

Asked: Getting rid of mold

I really can not stand the smell of bleach, but it seems to be the only product that gets rid of mold in my bathroom. Is there any other effective alternative?

Asked: How do you deal with a hothead?

The best way I know how to deal with someone on the verge of losing their temper is to really be an attentive listener. I'll acknowledge what they've told me to let them know they are being heard ...

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