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Answered: Which liepnieks gave birth to a son in 1955

i know i did not view this 243 times --- maybe 50 times --so have the heart to contact me please-- do something good for a change-ok--look in the mirror---you will see me--looking back with tears in ...

Commented: About jazzman's answer

Please tell me the story behind the adoption. I am begging you,please--you are killing me by not responding

Answered: "36" "39" ?

yeah,if that is the number of times you did the neighbors dog

Answered: What do you think about the U.S. involvement in ...

It is wrong for the u.S. To be involved in any way,shape or form. We will never control gun laws in the u.S. If we keep supplying guns to other countries. Hello mcfly

Answered: Do you think that Asiana crash could be prevented ...

Of course this can be prevented. Ban all flights from Korea from landing on any U.S. soil.

Asked: Need to get info on sheltering arms children,s ...

need to get info on sheltering arms children,s service and their records

Answered: WHERE IS anonymous who answered about liepnieks ...

Well, Do you think it is right that I will never know my brother or sister. Because they just want to put this behind them as it was difficult then and now. And just who gave them the right to mess ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Thought you would have responded. I neglected to mention I am happily married 28yrs now. Have a house of my own and am retired. Not bad for a kid that raised himself. But kind of hoped to hear ...

Answered: Better sex

Try having sex outside at night -under the stars --like a camping trip--you can really get a different feel for nature when you are buck-naked with the moonlight shining on your lovers ass when you ...

Answered: Is this classified as rape?

sounds like forced sex against you demands of no---classified as RAPE


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