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"They would not find me changed from him they knew - only more sure of all I thought was true." ~Robert Frost
About honey:

I do believe that I have taken all of this too seriously and forgotten how to smile!

Nothing is more valuable than friendship's measure and a sense of humor. 

If the answers posted make not a whit of sense, does it really matter?

If opinions are stated as facts, what's the difference?

If the facts are incorrect, perhaps I'll sight chapter and verse or I'll be more tolerant of ignorance.

I'm only here for a while and I must accept what I've always suspected, to correct a fool is simply not possible!
'Life is to be lived, not endured.'

This is just a 'TIME OUT' from the reality that belongs within another concept!

Cyber Space is defined by anonymity  --  'Anonymous' knows no shame in false accusations without consideration for truth. Those that would belie knowledge only create murky waters to hide their fears of being found out. Self serving creatures, these that pander and praise for this is only an illusion of the image they choose to create. Beware, for there are those that have answers from the Past!

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Commented: About Neta's answer

Neta, thank you. Perhaps I am just too old to try and learn all of this. Another heart attack for me and not able to be a contributing member of Yedda. I received a 'Friend Request' and that's the ...

Commented: About ~American~~Patriot~'s answer

Thank you! Yedda has changed format and just perhaps, I am too old to rearrange my thinking. May all be well with you -- I know you will 'go the distance.' hs

Commented: About ~American~~Patriot~'s answer

Thank you! Yedda has changed format and just perhaps, I am too old to rearrange my thinking. May all be well with you -- I know you will 'go the distance.' hs

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Thank you ... the months have gone missing and I returned to a place that seems to have changed beyond recognition! You have done what few have dared and won. For me? Another heart attack (how dare ...

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Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

Thank you! I do see a few familiar names and I have been away too long! hs


Nanadee says:
"hi honey...i know i have left you a compliement before i hope yedda gets it to you this time. i have alot of people i have sent them to and did not get them the i forget....keep doing all that you are and sg and ap are a must on yedda..God bless...nanadee"
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi honey... I am really enjoying your answers here on Yedda. Thanks for being a part of the community. I hope you have a great day. "
rahma says:
"hai how are you,i,m sure you are eally nice person who can make a friend with me,would you accept me as your friend?"
Dawg says:
"Thank you for the compliment, I am enjoying reading you as well."
Capt. Conservative says:
"Honey ... I am proud to stand by your side and many others like you here on Yedda. You're a "True" American and I'm honored to know you. God Bless & Semper Fi .... CC"
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"I am honored to have you as a contact .Peace love and seasons greeting"
richard says:
"A freind is a freind indeed; but an enemy will be every where you go! so nice to know you are a friend indeed!"
Pat D says:
"Quiet, calm, and compassionate...All three qualities that are much needed in our world today and I find all three in Honey...Thank you for being there!"
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
"Honey is my sameness, we think the same, and are more than just sisters, she has been there every step of the way with me, and always will be with me, even though the miles are far, our minds are one. Gypsey"