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Former USAF combat pilot during Vietnam 'police action'. Business man, husband, father, grandfather.  I am an American and proud of it. My politics are varried, but this administration is so foul you can smell DC a thousand miles away.

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Commented: About Kathy's answer

Hi Severed, I have to agree, like all great civilizations, Rome failed and I fear, if something drastic doesn't happen to the positive, this wonderful nation of ours is on it's way out. How we got ...

Commented: About Kathy's answer

Hi Kathy, like your spunk, LOL. I see L____e is at it again, (evil grin). Some item of work she is. I guess I am a bad guy as in another forum I send Ladydarko? a message that I agreed with her on ...

Commented: About B52Drivr's answer

Kathy, thanks. It just seems holding a conversation with L____e is like watching the gooney birds trying to take off and flying into something solid. We use to do that at Andersen AFB in Guam ...

Commented: About B52Drivr's answer

Dear Lenore, if you think this economy is on an upswing and we are 'in the chips' then further conversation with you is a terrible waste of your and my time. Face it, we agree to disagree. You keep ...

Commented: About freedomlover's answer

ahhh yes, Freedom, I would say lack of work . . . and intelligence.

Answered: Being politically correct or PC has governed ...

Great response Marine Vet. I am soooooo tired of PCness. Time just to call it the way you see it.

Commented: About B52Drivr's answer

Lenore, if you are going to quote me, please do it verbatem. I said nothing about Muslims, birthers, or communist. I did say, and will stand by, politics in Chicago are about as dirty as you can ...

Answered: Dorothy Kilgallen's murder

Not sure about Dorothy's death, however, I'll give you one thing, anyone who thinks the 'Warren Commission' report is truth, lives in la la land. Just cover up BS. And saying that, any country which ...

Commented: About B52Drivr's answer

One added question Lenore . . . since you made the 'stupid' comment about our Intelligent community . . . just what do YOU stand for? Tell me what you think we should be doing in this nation. How do ...


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