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James is a Stylist and Clips hair ekstensions expert who has brought a new meaning to hair design beautiful hair using Hair Extensions without damaging your own hair, and in fact allowing your natural hair to grow longer and healthier in the process.

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Answered: Hair Loss

The problem of thinning hair seems to be very typical these days. Some of the most typical causes of hair loss are stress, lack, dry skin, excessive oiliness of the scalp, illness, thyroid imbalance ...

Answered: Hair Extensions

If you want to go for the hair extension then I would recommend you to go with the Experts. In this way your locks can be more resistant to the loss. There are qualified extensionist, which used ...

Asked: Hair Extensions

Can any one tell me about the latest hair extension techniques?

Answered: Where to buy Natural Hair Care Products?

I think whenever you have to buy hair care products you should concern with the specialist one who have the knowledge about the hair care products and then you can decide that what would you have to ...

Answered: How to make hair grow

There are so many techniques which makes your hair grow such as mortgage your hair daily before bath with the natural oils such as almond oil, coconut, alovera etc. and I think this will help you a ...

Asked: Hair Extension

What is the perfect hair extension techniques?

Answered: Hair Loss

There is only one reason they don't care their here and uses so many things that doesn't suits their hair and its result hair damage.

Answered: Hair color

I think there is only one solution you should color your hair again in its original shape and your hair stating to come out its natural look.

Answered: Bleaching hair

Its depends upon your hair needs and its really feels good and safe. Keep going and be worry about that.

Answered: HAIR

Yes everyone is saying right, you should blonde your hair again and I think its results good.

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