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Fletcherba, you present an unnerving but all too real picture. We could well go from Officer Friendly to that if leftist liberals continue their evil speech and racist bitterness. Last Anonymous ...

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That is one weapon I would have trouble carrying. Maybe it is best to leave it with ther Air Force. Anonymous wants one because it is obnoxious and illegal but that is why leftists have no place in ...

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Atheists will always suffer delusions but they are all self-serving delusions like their self-serving lies. Atheists have a mean streak and then some. They deserve no second chances.

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Apparently atheists still suffer their delusions hence they belong only in mental hospitals. If they break the law because of their delusions they go to the mental hospital until cured then serve ...

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Leftists have always suffered delusions which is why they belong only in mental hospitals.

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More leftist liberal hatemongering in the name of Hitler. Like we hadn't heard leftist liberal hatemongering before. Ho, hum. Leftists are boring becvause they are only simpleminded useless old ...

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Yes, there really was a Holocaust, and an atheist named Hitler caused it by hatemongering just as you try. The difference is that we are wise to you. Hence, you failed.

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What, if anything or anyone, are you talking about? We have seen a number of leftists and their delusions but that only proved that leftists are uneducated and unintelligent.

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If God will not tolerate hatemongering, then should we tolerate Obama and his followers hatemongering?

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