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If thats the case why didn't you want them coming here? Its the protestant churchs that knew about it from the very start. Your unable to accept shame for it yet you don't seem to have a problem ...

Answered: My fellow true christians, did the Jews invite the ...

When was that...! During the 50's or 60's it was discoverd that it was the jews who bombed their own King David Hotel in an atempt to go to war on others. These protestants and jews both are more ...

Answered: Would jesus say start armageddon to bring me back

When they had the boards these white protestants were blaming someone else for their problems as to why they lost them. While now they have turned towards atheists. Election time is coming up. A ...

Answered: Koch vs. Obama: Whose Side Are You On?

Oboma Obama - Black protestants are more like catholics. Its a step away from religious oppression.

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Do you take your libertys on atheists so you don't take them on your little sister? Some kind of system you have all worked out do you?

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So did hers at 16 years old, two years ago. This is a himalayan one of her friends gave her from work at six years old. It sounds like you need women in your life LadyE, they take a lot better ...

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Yah, LadyE is the main one that let on to what all the Rocmikes are about as to where the discussion took off too here.

Answered: Why the United States Must Not Have War with China

"Dave Palmer Thinks this answer is Not Helpful: Atheists bang on people's doors, with hanging ropes in hand the way they did on Kristallnacht. Nothing has ever changed about the bitter and violent ...

Answered: Why the United States Must Not Have War with China

As I mentioned before. If you feel that religion is the answer then try to look more towards the good communist. The catholics. Catholics don't bang on our doors and they beleive in freedom of ...

Answered: Why the United States Must Not Have War with China

"Anonymous Comment We are doing so already, but not the way that treasonous atheists hope. How that occurs, and why you are a day late and a victory short, are for you bitter old racists to guess at ...

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