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Asked: Do You Follow Obama's Tweets?

Do you follow celebrities or other politicians?

Asked: Who's the Best Model Out There?

Who's your personal favorite? How would you change her or him?

Asked: Do Women Cause More Accidents?

Do you agree your gender defines your driving?

Asked: Should Fast Food Chains Sell Alcohol?

What would be the consequences?

Asked: Is Binge Eating Dangerous?

Is it more dangerous than eating the same amount of food over a longer period of time?

Asked: Do Supplements Relieve Allergies?

Have you had any success with natural remedies?

Asked: What's Your Secret to a Happy Relationship?

How do you make the relationship work?

Asked: Willow Sage as a Baby Name?

What do you think of the name Pink chose for her baby?

Asked: Have You Ever Smoked?

Did you have any trouble quitting (assuming you don't smoke of course).

Asked: Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Would you like to sleep more?

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