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Asked: Quick and Easy Cheesecake!

I have a weakness for cheesecake! Does anyone have any quick and easy cheesecake recipes they can share with me?

Asked: Quick and Easy Recipe Ideas

I'm looking for some quick and easy dinner recipes for nights when I don't have a lot of time to cook?

Asked: Cholesterol Free Cooking Tips

I am looking for some healthy cooking tips for keeping my meals cholesterol free?

Asked: Why costumes on Halloween?

Why are costumes worn on Halloween?

Asked: Why pumpkins on Halloween?

Why are pumpkins associated with halloween?


digger says:
"Thanks Lilskies digger"
Sharon says:
"Hey lilskie's sorry it took so long to thank you my pc was on the blink, your answer was very helpful ,you confirmed what i wasn't sure of. Thank u very much. Sounds like u r wise about these things. Have a great day...Sharon"
Sharon says:
"Well thank you lilskies, i am honored to be on your contact list. I haven't been on here long. I have been signed up for a while but i just started answering questions about 2 weeks or so. Thanks again... Have a great day.. Sharon"
Sharon says:
"Hi lilskies, i noticed u liked my answer, i am probably writing in the wrong place but thanks for giving me the thumbs up for the answer i gave u. Sharon or redrunner62@aol.Com good luck i hope i helped at least a little bit... ; )"
debbiegirl says:
" Lilskies, you have definitely got something there. girl ! "