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Answered: Louis or James Portneuf was killed while exploring ...

The Portneuf river in Idaho was named after James Portneuf, and his given name was Edwin James Portneuf.

Answered: What does a chicken sit on?

Chickens like to sit on perches in the hen house at close to one another.

Answered: Can you wear a blusher if it is your second ...

I would not wear a blusher if it was my second marriage. I think a blusher is traditionally worn for a first marriage.

Answered: American Idol Contracts leaked!

What upsets me about the leaking of information re the American Idols Contracts is that nothing is sacred in this world or secure. The contents of the Contracts were Private and Confidential I am ...

Answered: RIP Gary Coleman

I used to watch Different strokes many years ago and I loved the interaction between Gary and his brother (Ted Hodges). They were so funny and am sure made a lot of people happy. RIP Gary!

Answered: How to make salt pickles

Canning -- Pickled and Fermented Foods How do I make salt pickles (also known as brine cucumbers)? Rating: 40 You need a 4-gallon crock, 12 pounds of cucumbers (rinsed in cold water, if necessary ...

Answered: Has Britney Proved Herself?

I think so. She has definitely kept herself out of the limelight and is being a good mother to her two boys. She looks much happier too.

Answered: I'm trying to find information on a small country ...

I think you mean Estonia. Here is some information on Estonia. Hope it is what you want. Estonia /?s?to?ni?/ (help ·info ) (Estonian : Eesti ), officially the Republic of Estonia ...

Answered: Do cats always land feet first?

If cats fall a short distance, they can almost always right themselves and land on their feet. If they fall more than one or two floors, however, they may sustain severe or even fatal ...

Answered: What is the hair implants plugs surgery ...

I am enclosing a link to a website that explains everything you need to know about hair implants etc. Hope this helps!


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