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Answered: How important is spelling? To me, spelling ...

Being able to spell is most important in the English language because so many words sound the same but have different meanings and if you use the wrong word in the wrong place I'm sure it makes you ...

Answered: What is the best knife for cutting Sushi?

I am enclosing a link to a website called Chef's Depot which should help you learn about sushi knives

Answered: Difference between rye and oats? and what exactly ...

1. Oats are typically eaten by humans as oatmeal or rolled oats, while wheat is a raw product that is used to make flours for baking cakes and pastries. Read more: Difference Between Oat and ...

Answered: What is the name of a small pet that looks like a ...

The "possum" of North America is just a shorter name for an opossum, but true possums are different from opossums, and not related at all, except by virtue of both animals being marsupials ...

Answered: The Pledge starring Jack Nicolson

What happens in the end is that retired Detective Jerry Black has spent the entire film trying to catch a child rapist only to have the guy crash his car before Jerry can trap him -- an event that ...

Answered: What was the last book by Rose Wilder Lane

The Woman's Day Book of American Needlework (1963)

Asked: Quick and Easy Cheesecake!

I have a weakness for cheesecake! Does anyone have any quick and easy cheesecake recipes they can share with me?

Asked: Quick and Easy Recipe Ideas

I'm looking for some quick and easy dinner recipes for nights when I don't have a lot of time to cook?

Asked: Cholesterol Free Cooking Tips

I am looking for some healthy cooking tips for keeping my meals cholesterol free?


digger says:
"Thanks Lilskies digger"
Sharon says:
"Hey lilskie's sorry it took so long to thank you my pc was on the blink, your answer was very helpful ,you confirmed what i wasn't sure of. Thank u very much. Sounds like u r wise about these things. Have a great day...Sharon"
Sharon says:
"Well thank you lilskies, i am honored to be on your contact list. I haven't been on here long. I have been signed up for a while but i just started answering questions about 2 weeks or so. Thanks again... Have a great day.. Sharon"
Sharon says:
"Hi lilskies, i noticed u liked my answer, i am probably writing in the wrong place but thanks for giving me the thumbs up for the answer i gave u. Sharon or redrunner62@aol.Com good luck i hope i helped at least a little bit... ; )"
debbiegirl says:
" Lilskies, you have definitely got something there. girl ! "