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HI EVERYONE JUST CAME BACK ON 9/24/12 just checking in on whats new nothing?
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I just Graduated from college at Friday June 22 I come from a big family with 5 sisters and 6 brothers i try very hard to take care. I am a person who works to better other and make others the best care and love i am a nurse and a surgeon when a person is sick or anything i try very hard to encourage them! I am a Married woman and i love to be know as something big in the past i have 2 masters degrees and i am very happy of that school was the best thing that has ever happened to me and america!

ask me questions if u want

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Answered: Does Obama Fight Against Religion?

I think president Obama is basically trying to say that we are all the same and the religion doesn't really matter or anything like that!

Asked: How to make hair grow

How do you make your hair grow

Answered: What would be the nicest thing ever to give your ...

No i mean like a thing you can buy that is affordable

Answered: Is Santorum Pro Choice?

Yeah i believe him probably he might save us all let him try he is a person who will talk anything that will get him votes

Answered: Why would a 7 year old boy slap himself in face ...

Maybe he hates himself or wants to be a class clown??

Answered: Which way does the head face in a coffin?

The head faces where the pillow is for the dead

Answered: How to change face of AOL front page?

I think that you can't unless you mean you want to change ur buddy icon?

Answered: What to do for black heads on face?

Just wash them daily i would prefer for you 3 times a day! No candy or sugary stuff!

Asked: What can i do to make sure my pimples aren't ...

What can i do to make sure my pimples aren't growing no more! Because they are like gone and marks are left on my face or black heads!


Amber says:
"Thank you for your partnership with me♥"
Vanessa says:
"Thanks so much for inspiring me and as although i heard you was a full time nurse and i read the answers you wrote they where so helpful i am so glad that i asked you!"
Melissa T. says:
"Thank you so much for those sweet compliments"