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Answered: Wen electric chain saw motor sparks when cutting

I assume you mean that the motor is sparking? If so the brushes are most likely going bad. They wear down with time and can be replaced most often very inexpensively.

Answered: Is a detention bad? If yes, how bad? If this ...

No. It is an acceptable form of punishment. The student is not physically hurt in any way and hopefully he or she will not want to be held after school again. And hopefully their parents will help ...

Answered: Is nuclear power safe?

NO, all you need is an earthquake, or a stuck valve, or bad gauge to have a bad day for the rest of eternity. Then there is the spent fuel, what do you do with it? So far it's been put underground ...

Answered: What to do if your bank wont renew your mortgage ...

Start looking for another bank or mortgage company.

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