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Answered: Obama's Performance

Congressional hearing - 2004 - with DEMOCRATS Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Lacy Clay, Gregory Meeks, Arthur Davis, Barney Frank - protecting Franklin Raines..... ...

Commented: About freedomlover's answer

@ freedomlover: Here I am - AGAIN - to bring the Darkness into the Light - w FACTS - right along with the rest of YOU.

Commented: About freedomlover's answer

@ American Patriot: he has to monitor everything - so The American people/voter does not find out the Truth. It is not working as he thinks.

Commented: About freedomlover's answer

Merry Christmas, freedomlover! Thank you for the beautiful song - and visuals.

Commented: About ~American~~Patriot~'s answer

Fantastic, American Patriot! We love Jackie Evancho!!!! Merry Christmas to YOU - and your family, AP!

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Thank you, Anonymous!!! The information is Fantastic....!!!! Unbelievable Thugocracy!

Commented: About Stanley Pembroke's answer

Stanley Pembroke: Thanks for the post. You NAILED it.

Commented: About ~American~~Patriot~'s answer

Wow- why do these pedophiles always look like perverts?

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

That is one of the reasons that Obama refuses to have Eric Holder STEP DOWN as US Attorney General - over OPERATION FAST and FURIOUS - in spite of Holder's COVER-UP of US citizens as Border Agents ...

Answered: Do you approve of President Obama's job ...

No, his approval rating is LOW - because of his LIES and DECEIT. It was a TEN-YEAR MISSION to get Osama bin Laden. Obozo just happened to be POTUS - when OBL was killed. The worst tragedy of all of ...



oldmrjim says:
"We MUST unite as nation based on the original intent of the USA Constitution and not that of a criminal left wing bunch of Socialists. Gof bless America, ONE nation under God. "
Corrine says:
"Where are you??? Merry Christmas, miss your posts! :)"
Dr. Kelly says:
"I have seen your work, Finabiscotti! Loyalty is never amiss, particularly to a nation as compassionate as ours. God bless you, yours, and the USA!"
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
""Fina, I was so happy to see your comment today, really got my eyes open..miss you posting, and wish you that you would come back and stay..just ignore the B S ..AKAs, and I have been acussed of it on a daily bacis, from the time the little mutt stalked me..LOL..." "Need you here.." "Sweet Gypsey""
AShoofly says:
"Merry Christmas Fina, And Happy New Year. I enjoy talking and reading you. Bless You."
Moosemose says:
"My Dear Friend it is a pleasure working with U here on the Site fighting the Good Fight! U have all the Right Tools (a Sharp Ming & Quick Grasp of the Facts /Situation enabling U to post Great Answers Helping All who Ask! Thank U for Ur Devotion. John"
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"America the Beautiful.Liberal free"
Fellrunner1964 says:
""finabiscotti" a powerful subject to debate about, many thanks for the chance to air my views.Take care and God speed."
freedomlover says:
"finabiscotti is one of the finest posters on this website. None finer then fina!"
Dawg says:
"Great posts Finabiscotti. I enjoy reading you. Keep up the good work!"
Pat D says:
"Always passionate and consistently conservative!...A real constant...Thank you."
AShoofly says:
""Thanks for the your wise input on politicial issues. Maybe you should run for office. I'll VOTE for you." "
Capt. Conservative says:
"Fina ... I'm proud to say we share very similar views and certainly love this Country equally. I consider you a forum friend and full of helpful knowledge. Keep up the good fight, and God Bless. Capt. Conservative Semper Fi"
GWObama says:
"finabiscotti I am always impresed by your posts. They are very timely and informatiive. You are a classy person and I appreciate your posts very much. Your presence here adds class to this site. God Bless you and take care."
R.A. Shipman says:
"I had a problem getting to where I could approve your compliment but with the aid of Neta Silberg on Yedda staff I found and approved it. I thank you for it it and I am glad to be of some help with insurance questions. You do a good job of sharp reply's to many questions."
MikeBuilder123 says:
"Finabiscotti has always shown intense wisdom. Up front, always on target, gets to the heart of the matter. Ten thousand thumbs up!"
Nanadee says:
"Mr. Fine i always enjoy your post on yedda. I look forward to the, stay as nice as you have been and don't know one get to you...We got your back..By the way, i always call you mr. Fine cause i can never spell the other word right half the time so i just shorten it. Hope you dont mind== mr. Fine...Lol god bless nanadee"
Rocmike3 says:
"Finabiscotti has shown clear insight, directness, and compassion for loyal Americans. With more like him around, we always have an honest answer! 10^100 thumbs up!"
richard says:
"Finabiscotti has the proper coals to keep the Bar-b-que going, a great warrior of the Yedda Daily, It is what I call Going Balls-out! "
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
"finabiscotti is alwats helpful and there when you need a friend, very sweet peson. Sweet Gypsey"