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Answered: There was rampant election fraud in 2008, will ...

JudicialWatch exposed in their March 2012 magazine - "VERDICT": Through a lawsuit filed to acquire information from FOIA requests that The White House refused to produce = Obama and the White House ...

Answered: There was rampant election fraud in 2008, will ...

yep, all that a ball of wax, "anonymous". The US Military Codes established under the US Constitution clearly indicate why a person with dual citizenship cannot be Commander-in-Chief = allegiance to ...

Answered: With obama as

Obama is an EMBARRASSMENT to the United States of America - through his ineptitude, his arrogance - and his CZAR PALOOZA of deranged individuals.

Answered: Is Trayvon Martin going to cost President Obama ...

The Trayvon Martin incident and how it was played out - with Obama's government-controlled media = NBC and MSNBC - being exposed for their alteration of the 911 call - having their FALSE NARRATIVE ...

Answered: Is Trayvon Martin going to cost President Obama ...

Right before the Trayvon Martin shooting incident, David Brock of Media Matters was exposed for writing headlines with Obama and the White House for NBC and MSNBC. What an Inconvenient Truth to be ...

Answered: How can we get Rush Limbaugh off the Military ...

Rush Limbaugh donates MILLIONS to the causes of the US Military. * The Left is barking up the wrong tree - especially since they have shown to always HATE the US Military.

Answered: Was Trayvon Martin partially responsible for his ...

Trayvon Martin was definitely responsible for his own death. * that is why the liberal media is using a FIVE-YEAR old photo of him - to give the FALSE IMPRESSION he was a young innocent teen-ager ...

Answered: Obama's Performance

Congressional hearing - 2004 - with DEMOCRATS Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Lacy Clay, Gregory Meeks, Arthur Davis, Barney Frank - protecting Franklin Raines..... ...

Answered: Do you approve of President Obama's job ...

No, his approval rating is LOW - because of his LIES and DECEIT. It was a TEN-YEAR MISSION to get Osama bin Laden. Obozo just happened to be POTUS - when OBL was killed. The worst tragedy of all of ...

Answered: Assessing the President

"As I report in my new book, Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers, at least 54 individuals employed by or associated with ACORN have ...



oldmrjim says:
"We MUST unite as nation based on the original intent of the USA Constitution and not that of a criminal left wing bunch of Socialists. Gof bless America, ONE nation under God. "
Corrine says:
"Where are you??? Merry Christmas, miss your posts! :)"
Dr. Kelly says:
"I have seen your work, Finabiscotti! Loyalty is never amiss, particularly to a nation as compassionate as ours. God bless you, yours, and the USA!"
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
""Fina, I was so happy to see your comment today, really got my eyes open..miss you posting, and wish you that you would come back and stay..just ignore the B S ..AKAs, and I have been acussed of it on a daily bacis, from the time the little mutt stalked me..LOL..." "Need you here.." "Sweet Gypsey""
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"Merry Christmas Fina, And Happy New Year. I enjoy talking and reading you. Bless You."
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"My Dear Friend it is a pleasure working with U here on the Site fighting the Good Fight! U have all the Right Tools (a Sharp Ming & Quick Grasp of the Facts /Situation enabling U to post Great Answers Helping All who Ask! Thank U for Ur Devotion. John"
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"America the Beautiful.Liberal free"
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""finabiscotti" a powerful subject to debate about, many thanks for the chance to air my views.Take care and God speed."
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"finabiscotti is one of the finest posters on this website. None finer then fina!"
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"Great posts Finabiscotti. I enjoy reading you. Keep up the good work!"
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"Always passionate and consistently conservative!...A real constant...Thank you."
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""Thanks for the your wise input on politicial issues. Maybe you should run for office. I'll VOTE for you." "
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"Fina ... I'm proud to say we share very similar views and certainly love this Country equally. I consider you a forum friend and full of helpful knowledge. Keep up the good fight, and God Bless. Capt. Conservative Semper Fi"
GWObama says:
"finabiscotti I am always impresed by your posts. They are very timely and informatiive. You are a classy person and I appreciate your posts very much. Your presence here adds class to this site. God Bless you and take care."
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"I had a problem getting to where I could approve your compliment but with the aid of Neta Silberg on Yedda staff I found and approved it. I thank you for it it and I am glad to be of some help with insurance questions. You do a good job of sharp reply's to many questions."
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"Finabiscotti has always shown intense wisdom. Up front, always on target, gets to the heart of the matter. Ten thousand thumbs up!"
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"Mr. Fine i always enjoy your post on yedda. I look forward to the, stay as nice as you have been and don't know one get to you...We got your back..By the way, i always call you mr. Fine cause i can never spell the other word right half the time so i just shorten it. Hope you dont mind== mr. Fine...Lol god bless nanadee"
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"Finabiscotti has shown clear insight, directness, and compassion for loyal Americans. With more like him around, we always have an honest answer! 10^100 thumbs up!"
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"Finabiscotti has the proper coals to keep the Bar-b-que going, a great warrior of the Yedda Daily, It is what I call Going Balls-out! "
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"finabiscotti is alwats helpful and there when you need a friend, very sweet peson. Sweet Gypsey"