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Answered: My ex who i was in love wit broke up wit me ...

So, cut the connection with her. It's not hard to do that. You're a man, you need to be determined.

Answered: Hard time with my family and my girlfriend

Yeah, you need to act like an adult. You get your own choice, tell your parents that your gf is a responsible and nice girl. She loves her family, when they need her, she should be around.

Answered: Have you ever had to come to the realization that ...

No, unless that one is really a nut. I love my husband, and I think he's great!

Asked: EVE help, I'll appreciate?!?

Where do you usually get the EVE isk?

Answered: Do you think wow gold is not hot as before?

Why did you say that? Is that because of you don't play WoW? wow gold is still popular and hot. Check here

Answered: How do I do to level up fast when I'm at level 30 ...

How to do with it? Find the answer at

Answered: How do you use google

Google what you want. So how do you use Aol?

Answered: Heard from ex bf on valentines day

Leave him. Do not to contact him frist.

Asked: Where to get a safe swtor powerleveling service?

Where to get a safe swtor powerleveling service?

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