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Answered: Avoiding medicine

Having a good rest wil do the trick or you can even drink some herbal extracts to relieve what you are feeling.

Answered: Can not fall to sleep even when taking medicine

make yourself busy before you sleep, i heard that there are some elderberry extract that can help people with insomia why don't you try one

Answered: Can diabetic medicine make blood pressure low

herbal products are pretty famous medication for persons that have diabetes and of course besides of such products you also need proper discipline with the food you eat

Answered: Prescription medicine

Its because medicines are especially made for certain kind of disease, unlike herbal supplements that can cure several illness like colds cough etc.

Answered: What is the best non prescription medicine for ...

So your looking for herbal male enhancement well checkout the site it would definitely help you with what you are looking for

Answered: Does alternative medicine really work?

Alternative medicines are used by our ancestors and as we all know this is where the modern medicine cam from the only difference is alternative medicine is using such herbal healing methods

Answered: Herbal medicine for seizures

There are so many herbal products to help you well you can definitely search on the net or check out the link above

Answered: Herbal tea suggestions

Try to put some lemon or a honey it would definitely taste good putting a glimpse of herbal extracts to your tea would definitely add up a bte to your mixture

Answered: Can i drink Organic Nighty Night herbal tea ...

Herbal extracts such as herbal tea are just fine to drink for breastfeeding mothers in fact there are some herbal tea that can help to produce more breast milk

Answered: What is alternative health?

Alternative medicines includes natural remedies such as herbal treatment this kind of treatment is using such herbal medicines to cure some ailments well this treatment has been part of the culture ...

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