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Answered: How to change a/c compressor on a 96 ss impala,Do ...

if you have to ask you probably should not attempt it.

Answered: Leak in car ac

Its a tracer dye he put in.It will be fine.Some car companies add it at the factory.Juat an aid for finding leaks

Answered: 2004 neon iat/maf location

IAT is in the air inlet hose.Car does not have a MAF.MAP sensor mounted on intake manifold near front of motor.

Answered: What ho2 sensor do i need for bank 1 sensor 2 in ...

3.7 V-6?Bank 1 is drivers side.Sensor 2 is the post cat.convertor H02 sensor.Basically you need the rear sensor on drivers side.

Answered: Ac systems

Seems like most cars made the switch around the early to mid 90's

Answered: Why does 1996 mazda 626 v6 keep burning out ...

How many distributors have you gone thru?Also are you putting aftermarket parts in or from Mazda.Have seen multiple failures with the aftermarkets

Answered: WE OWN A 2001 DODGE LARAMIE 5.9 LITER,NOT 4X4 ...

Check your coolant level.Probable air in system needs to be bled out.Also check for leaks.

Answered: How to fix code b0065 2005 trailblazer

Your air bag lite on?Code is for driver's selt belt pretensioner.

Answered: Why does all the lights blink on my dash board and ...

Do you have an aftermarket alarm that is tripping?

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