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Answered: Why is my blood pressure high when I first wake ...

My best guess is called "metabolic syndrome" a catch-all phrase which means od and out of shape. Two months of regular exercise eliminated the symptoms.

Answered: Do I need to put a insulating

Modern water heaters don't usually need extra insulation. Whatever waste heat a water heater generates goes into keeping the house warm. A bonus in the winter.

Answered: Do I need the extra insulation?

You probably won't gain enough in savings to pay for the insulation, and you run the risk of impairing your water heater if the insulation interferes with something like the relief valve or air flow ...

Answered: Time To Take A Stand!

I support removing stalkers, but only AOL and Yedda have the ability to do anything. We've fought this battle a number of times and unless we lawyer up nothing is going to happen. Anyone know ...

Answered: No fuel for you

I'm sure there are a thousand people everyday who claim to have a new source of power and want to publicize it. No one will take an interest without a demonstration or some kind of substantial proof ...

Answered: Bud Lite comments

Hi, everybody. Chex is alive and well and has his tent back to himself. His illegitimate nephew, variously known as The Flaming Z, Ztard and Zhole shoved Chex and his few meager possessions out of ...

Answered: Is it your turn?

I went and looked up that message. There was a generous compliment and the commentary, but no mention of the Jewel of Krypton or any references to spinach or the doghouse. I can send you a copy if ...

Answered: Why do airliners have to fly over Alaska in a hump ...

If you have a globe you can verify dripbydrip's answer by stretching a string from Japan to various points of the US and see that the string actually does go over Alaska as the shortest distance.

Answered: I need to find the chords to GOD IS A GOOD GOD (by ...

I copied this from this page: Here is the rest of "God is a good God" for u. I hope u can follow it cuz it's hard to type the ...

Answered: Why is my blood pressure high when I first wake ...

Granny, Thanks. It used to be the other way around, my blood pressure was too low upon waking up (70/40). Reducing stress, salt, and especially added chemicals seemed to help. I'm beginning to ...


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~Jada~ says:
"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, PB!"
Sparky's Mom says:
"Profitbob, What a pleasure it is to see you back on yedda. I missed you! Lots of people on yedda have missed you also. Plus I still think you are cute! Stay well and don't leave us for so along again. Anna Sparky's Mom"
Corrine. says:
"WOAH Profit Bob is back! Oh my goodness. Everyone just adores you here. It is nice to finally see you around. I hope you are doing well. Take Care okay and I wish you well."
Corrine. says:
"Profit Bob I have never had the pleasure of meeting you and by the looks of it I never will. You are one of the greatest yeddian of all time and for that I give you all the respect in the world. Uncertain if you will ever see this I still wish you the best. Take Care, Corrine :)"
~Jada~ says:
"Hey PB, wherever you are... Just saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
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"hi profit bob....sorry it has take me so long, i am trying so hard to get to everyone. so many nice friends on yedda, i had to go thru my contacts to do this...keep the the awesome job on are very needed ad liked on this site. keep it up your truthfulness and help to me.. God bless..nanadee"
Sparky's Mom says:
"Profitbob, When do you plan on bringing your handsome face back to yedda? You know we all miss you! You always give fantastic advice. I Love your videos. You're a wonderful guy. Come on back! Anna Sparky's Mom "
n says:
"PB where in the world are you? We miss you so much. You are "one of the greatest" and you know it. I miss you lots."
Yaniv says:
"Profitbob... probfitbob is amazing. You'd think that someone who provides so many answers to so many people would be skimping on attention and quality. Not profitbob. It's staggering to see how actually *helped* so many people with his thoughtful, helpful and empathic answers. At the same time, profitbob turned out to be a true leader of our small community here, and instrumental in pointing out the need for a change and leading the way in the often-hazardous path to accepting change. He's The Real Profitbob, no question about that :) "
Sparky's Mom says:
"Profitbob, Just want to tell you that I love your videos, and your smart, funny answers. You are one of yedda's finest, that's for sure. I wish we all could here more from you. I don't like it when you have to be gone at times. I am sure all of yedda misses you when you are not here. So come back more often. From Anna Sparky's Mom "