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Answered: I really love my ex and really want her back. How ...

Dude there is a reason she is your ex, the world is full of gorgeous women. Move on and get two of them for yourself.

Answered: Please help me in my love story.

Fortune favors the bold! If you want your girl go get her. If you want to take up for your boy then go ahead just make sure you win. MAN UP!

Answered: I live with my ex husband, its not an ideal ...

You and all those personalities need to learn how to make some money. If you have time to ask questions on AOL then you have time to learn how to make some dough online (Start with Clickbank). Then ...

Commented: About Jkeaton12's answer

Sorry you had the guy profile thingy. Anyway, Everyone who has something great in this world has been afraid and uncomfortable, but they took the first step. It's your turn.

Answered: Packers or Bears?

Green Bay better QB Bears better Defensive Special Teams go to Chicago and thats the difference. Devin Hester wins the game for Chicago 27-20



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