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Answered: Best All TimeBaseball Pitcher

Im going to have to go with Nolan Ryan for this year. After the Phillies win the World Series I go with Roy Halladay.

Answered: Has Michael Vick paid his dues?

He paid his dues, got his second chance, made the most of it and now he is back on top. NIKE OR ADDIDAS IS NEXT. If you are mad now wait until you see the contract he gets this year! It has to be 80 ...

Answered: 21 westmoreland street gang phila pa 1960s-1980s ...

They were a bunch of clowns. I knew some of them. They should be getting out right about now, that 15 year stretch is over

Answered: Is Obama succeeding?

Without a doubt he has succeeded. The dow just went over 12, 000 today and that is all the evidence you need.

Answered: After 35 yrs of marriage I find out my wife ...

In a sons eyes it's very hard for a mother to do any wrong and we will be the first to forgive her. So nothing out of the ordinary there but there are two sides to every story. If she was cheating all ...

Answered: When your boyfriend says i don't think i have time ...

It means move on and get with someone different. Don't waste anymore of your time

Answered: How would you feel if you were told these lies ...

Sounds you have too much time on your hands to think about nothing.



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